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Helping the Sobriety Miracle Happen

Young Man in RecoveryClean & Sober Living recovery homes provide an environment dedicated to providing men with the tools, structure and support needed in their successful recovery back into society while renewing responsibilities to themselves, their families, and their communities. 

CSL is founded upon the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, which has helped millions of people find freedom from drugs, alcohol, and other self-destructive behaviors.  With homes located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, all very close to 12-step meetings and fellowship recovery halls, residents receive ample opportunity to partake in the intensely populated sober community that exists throughout the metro area.

Supportive Housing Works

The primary mission of Clean and Sober Living is to provide a quality housing environment to chemically dependent adults, to provide a safe drug and alcohol free home and to help residents in their goal to return to responsible living.

After successfully completing a treatment program, recovering addicts / alcoholics who return or live in unsafe or non supportive environments risk their sobriety. Making Recovery difficult, if attainable at all. The value of alcoholics and addicts actively supporting each other is widely recognized as having a substantial benefit towards achieving and maintaining long term sobriety.

The Clean and Sober living residents make a minimum 90-day commitment to live in our fully furnished and equipped homes.  Usually residents continue to reside at their CSL Home well beyond the initial commitment.  We believe our brand of transitional sober housing provides residents with a strong model for maintaining sobriety now and in the future.


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CSL provides the environment, the structure, and the tools necessary to achieve lasting sobriety at an affordable price.

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Arizona Recovery Housing Association ApprovedClean and Sober Living is a founding member of The Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) a statewide association that acts as a voice for recovery housing providers, residential services and programs in Arizona that promote recovery from addiction. AzRHA accomplishes this goal by promoting the development and quality operation of recovery based residential services. Being a founding member of this organization means our homes are of the highest caliber and have passed a rigid inspection process ensuring proper safety, structure and most importantly a passion for helping people in recovery.
sober homes are fully maintainedClean and Sober Living is about quality. Because Arizona Clean and Sober Homes are a network of five quality residences, an exemplary maintenance program is in place.  CSL adheres to the quality guidelines and inspection programs of AzRHA and assures repairs, regular maintenance and site improvements are managed system wide.

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