Job Help for Felons

In 1966 the U.S. Department of Labor established The Federal Bonding Program to provide Fidelity Bonds that guarantee honesty for “at-risk”, hard-to-place job seekers. The bonds cover the first six months of employment. There is no cost to the job applicant or the employer. In most states the bonds are made available through the state agency responsible for workforce matters.


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New Healthcare Law Includes Men Without Children

  • AHCCCS has received a few inquiries related to incorrect information in the community. To clarify: HEA IS accepting childless adult (and expansion group) applications. These applications WILL transfer to HEAplus after the system goes live. You will NOT have to reapply for childless adults or expansion groups. Childless adults are NOT getting denied today for coverage in January. They may receive a notice letting them know they are not eligible for coverage from October through December, but the notice also lets them know we will process their application under the new rules for coverage that would start in January.”
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A New Approach

“First, every addictive act is preceded by a feeling of helplessness or powerlessness (an overwhelming of the capacity to manage without feeling emotionally flooded). Addictive behavior functions to repair this underlying feeling of helplessness. It is able to do this because taking the addictive action (or even deciding to take this action) creates a sense of being empowered, of regaining control over one’s emotional experience and one’s life. This reversal of helplessness may be described as the psychological purpose of addiction.”

The Online Home For A New Approach To Addiction

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New Adult Education Program

Adults Achieving a College Education (ACE)

Rio Salado offers students who are enrolled in the Adult Basic Education Program the opportunity to complete their GED and make a smooth transition to higher education through the Adult ACE (Achieving a College Education) program. This scholarship-based college and career preparation program is for adults, 16-years-of-age or older who are ready to commit to completing a degree, certificate, or workforce training program.

Program Advantages
Convenient locations around the Valley
Weekday evening classes twice a week or a weekday and Saturday morning class
The opportunity to take up to two courses (6-8 credits) per semester
Accelerated 8-10 week blocks
The opportunity to earn up to 24 college credits in a year and a half
The ability to earn your GED ...

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