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“The environment here is safe and supportive”


I would like to first provide a little background regarding what led me to the finest recovery home on the planet; at least as far as I am concerned.  It was a long and painful journey, but now I am one of the fortunate ones.

I remember that last few weeks of my active addiction, crawling on the floor desperately searching for one more hit.  I absolutely did not want to consider reality, as time was running out; and I was penniless…with nowhere to go.  Practically speaking, my head was full of dope, yet I distinctly heard (in my mind) a very pleasant melody, along with the words; “We have a different place for you”.  My mind was immensely distorted, but I knew it was no delusion, because I heard it in my heart...

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“Today I have more than a chance to do the right thing”


This letter is being offered as a sincere thanks and appreciation for the home which has been so generously offered to myself and my roommates. Not so long ago my living arrangements were questionable to say the least. Life and the decisions I made left me in a position where I had difficulty finding a safe and comfortable place to live. The home that you provide allows me to work and continue to grow as a person without worry and for this I am very grateful.

Today I have more than a chance to do the right thing. I have the opportunity to be the best Lorenzo I can be. Although I may fall short it is not for lack of support or love, those two items I have in abundance here at our home...

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“I was able to make the foundation that I would need to rebuild my life”


In May of 2011 with six months clean I moved into Bob Schumacher’s house. After spending 5 months at Crossroads east I wanted a place where I could have my own room. Furthermore, I wanted a place where I could have valuables without having to worry about them getting stolen. I was fortunate to move in when the house was filled with other people from crossroads. The house sits on a big lot and has a pool with a diving board. During my six months at Bob’s I was able to make the foundation that I would need to rebuild my life. At no time were there drugs around and we were periodically screened for illicit substances. Despite this it didn’t even feel like I was living in a 3/4 house but rather like I was living with a bunch of good friends...

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“I have accountability to my peers”


I’m truly grateful for having the opportunity to go to Clean and Sober Living. After completing a four month commitment at a drug/alcohol facility I felt that I wasn’t ready to move to my own place since my previous experience has shown that I don’t stay clean and sober left to my own devices. I’m thankful that I moved to the Clean and Sober Living house that provides independence although I still have the support and accountability to my peers in the house that are going through the exact same issues as myself.

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“The people I live with are not at all strangers”


Sober living was something I was nervous and uncertain about, but after I made the decision to try it I have never been happier. Many things crossed my mind while considering sober living like; “would it be worth it?” or, “would I be happy living with strangers?” It turns out that the people I live with are not at all strangers, but instead they are brothers in a fellowship that encourage and support my sobriety. Moving in here was a great decision, because now I have a safe, comfortable and clean environment to live in. How would I then summarize sober living? It’s the continued pledge that I want to, and that I will stay sober.


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“My new home provides a clean, comfortable, and safe”


Clean and Sober Living has been the second best decision I have made, the first being that I wanted to live a sober life. My new home provides a clean, comfortable, and safe environment that allows me to work on my sobriety. I also find it reassuring that I am living with other men that are also rebuilding, and actively working to better themselves and others. If I should have a problem or need someone to talk to I can always find the support I need.
Since being at Clean and Sober Living I have accomplished more than I thought possible, and I have also developed strong friendships with other tenants.


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